Osteopathic Diagnosis & Treatments

Osteopathic treatment involves gentle soft tissue work, articulation of joints and manipulation.

Your first appointment, which includes a consultation and a treatment, will last between 45 and 60 minutes. I will complete a full medical history and aim to understand your presenting condition. I will ask you to perform various movements together with any neurological or mechanical tests.

I aim for you to understand how I view your symptoms and how we can get the best results. I pride myself that osteopathic treatment does not hurt. You may experience slight discomfort or tiredness after treatment. This should not last too long.

Depending on which area of your body is troubling you, I will ask you to remove clothing appropriately to underwear. If concerned, you may bring a pair of thin shorts and a loose T shirt. A friend or relative may accompany you during treatment if you wish.


Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME (CFS/ME)

The Perrin Technique ™ is a manual method that aids the diagnosis and treatment of CFS/ME based on the theory that stress factors which can be physical, emotional, chemical or immunological (such as allergies or infections)can cause excessive strain on the sympathetic nervous system, leading to CFS/ME. Further investigation into this theory has shown that this overload is probably caused by toxins building up in the spinal cord and the brain. For a CFS/ME sufferer, these toxins fail to drain properly. In fact, evidence has shown a backflow of the drainage leading to a further build-up of neurotoxins causing a worsening breakdown of the brain’s normal function leading to the diverse symptoms seen in CFS/ME

You can find more detailed information here http://theperrintechnique.com/

Treatment Costs

Initial Treatment  45 minutes £60

Further Treatment 30 minutes £60

I welcome your questions, so if you want to discuss with me the likely benefits of osteopathic treatment for your individual aches and pains just give me a call on 07469 – 730999 or send me an email using the mail form here.

If I am not immediately available because I am treating a patient, I will call you back.